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Effective recovery of your financial losses due to injuries

Injuries occur unannounced, and they’re worse if they’re due to another person’s fault. If you have had any injuries on someone else’s property, you’re entitled to claim compensation for the damages incurred.


Count on the attorneys at Pagel Weikum Law Firm to help you get the complete settlement amount. If there is no recovery, we won’t charge you any fee.

Have you sustained serious injuries without your fault?

Falls can be embarrassing and dangerous, but if they happen due to some other reason such as negligence of the landowner or improper condition of the premises, you can contact us. Call us at 701-250-1369 for FREE estimates on selected services!

Faults that may lead to injuries and wrongful death

  • Failure to install proper handrails or safety devices

  • Failure to maintain the property

  • Failure to remove snow, ice, or run-off

  • Failure to have proper lighting

  • Failure to address issues of misuse, wear or tear of property

  • Failure to place proper warning signs

Legal services to help you fight your case

From medical negligence and defective products to personal injuries and motor vehicle accidents, our professional team can help you get the best recovery amount possible. We're a locally owned firm that's been providing your area with exceptional legal services for the past 19 years.