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Exceptional legal help for injuries due to unsafe premises

The North Dakota law states that there are responsibilities associated with landowners and the condition of their premises. They’re responsible for controlling pets, maintaining common areas of apartments and business buildings, and making the premises risk-free.


If you've been injured on premises where the owner failed to meet these obligations, you can hold him / her liable for civil damages. Put your trust in our company to help you out in situations like these and get the maximum recovery amount possible. If there is no recovery, we won’t charge any fee for our services.

Did you tumble down a flight of stairs because there wasn't a handrail? Don't suffer in silence when you can claim for your injury. Turn to the experienced legal team at Pagel Weikum Law Firm to make sure your medical costs are covered. You can expect us to build your case in a way that justly compensates for your pain and suffering as well.

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Our professional attorneys are precise about the viability of slip-and-fall claims against residential and commercial property owners. Call us at 701-250-1369 to schedule an appointment. Get FREE estimates on our services.


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