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Skilled attorneys for defective product claims

Manufacturers are responsible for the products they make or sell in the market. If you have been injured due to a defective product, the North Dakota law gives you the right to pursue the matter legally. From ladders and car batteries to child restraint systems and medical devices, we can handle a broad range of defective products claims.


The experienced attorneys at Pagel Weikum Law Firm take an extra step to vehemently oppose the Chamber of Commerce and large corporations that strive to limit and eliminate the recovery amount you deserve.

Systematic legal approach for product liability cases

Visit us at 1715 Burnt Boat Dr when you need help to fight against a manufacturer to get the compensation you deserve. Call us at 701-250-1369 to get FREE estimates on our legal services related to product liability. If there is no recovery due to any reason, we’ll render our services for FREE.

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Whether state or national level, you can rely on us to work effortlessly with legal counsels out of states such as Minnesota, Texas, California, and Georgia. We’ve represented people who suffer from devastating health consequences as a result of defective medical products.

Recovery against defective medical products

Defective medical products such as the Fen-Phen Diet Drugs, Vioxx, and Sulzer Hip Replacement have resulted in severe injuries. These injuries, in turn, led to a compensation of a seven-figure amount for many injured victims, allowing them to get the medical care they need.